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This is the fourth installment of blogs regarding the Top 5 Agile Testing Challenges. Now that Agile development is mainstream and each day more teams are migrating from Waterfall to Agile development, it's important to understand how this methodology shift impacts testing teams. This blog is the first in a series of blogs where I will break down the common challenges that Agile testing teams face and talk about how to solve them. For those that aren't familiar with the differences between Agile and Waterfall development, here is a quick refresher: Agile development introduces time-boxed development, where development cycles (called Sprints) are shorter and limited in scope. Agile sprints are normally 2 weeks to a month in duration whereas Waterfall development cycles are normally many months. Agile development introduces continuous integration, which means that cod... (more)

Agile Testing Challenges: Overcoming Quality, Process and Team Issues

Agile development focuses on fast and efficient software delivery. Agile testing requires the same speed and flexibility. Software teams recognize that early testing increases the feedback that drives the success of Agile projects, but to be truly Agile, teams must be able to respond to changing requirements, quality and team issues quickly, efficiently and effectively. Click to Tweet: @SmartBear Webinar 5/24 w/ add'l Experts @lisacrispin @mheusser @bobgalen Overcoming #Agile #Testing Challenges ht.ly/aZ1Yc To learn how to make your testing more Agile, join SmartBear Software Vice ... (more)

Cloud Computing: Dispelling the Remote Revolution Misconceptions

The following is a guest blog by Jim Nelson, a guest blogger for Sharefile.com where he writes about secure file transfer and other computer file-related topics. Cloud computing is a few years old, but despite the many benefits and the fact that the term has entered the public consciousness, there are still a lot of people that are in the dark concerning what the cloud actually is and what it can do. It's not like the Internet, which had a clear definition and immediately visible perks, like online commerce. The cloud is more-or-less the next stage of online innovation; it improve... (more)

How In-Memory Databases May Remake Your Database

by Scott M. Fulton III - Virtualization, cheap memory, and private cloud technologies have coalesced to create the perfect storm for modern databases. In the last three years, these technologies have obliterated barricades for speed and capacity that once appeared insurmountable. So they’re being marketed as accelerators. That might make you think you can insert your existing databases into these new engines, like Easy-Bake Ovens, and transform them into super-heroic stature overnight. No, it doesn’t work that way. Although people tend to think of databases as merely collections... (more)

How Generation Y Managers Can Succeed

Last year, I conducted a study called “Gen Y on the Job” in partnership with PayScale.com. One of our findings was that 15 percent of Gen... Follow us! Twitter: @IntuitQuickBase & Google+: +QuickBase ... (more)